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Some recent research supporting the long held belief that money can’t buy us love, uh, I mean happiness? Well, actually, there is money involved here. This research is saying that “life-experience purchases” are more important than strictly material purchases. So what’s the difference between a life-experience purchase and a material purchase? It may ways it appears to be in the way you view it.  You must look at the experience that you are buying and not the material item itself. For instance, a CD is more than a disk, it’s a listening experience. A plane ticket is more than a piece of paper and some anxiety, it’s an adventure. A meal at a restaurant is more than just not having to cook, it’s gastronomically pleasing……..you get the point. So, no need to shy away from purchasing things to make you happy, just take a look at what you are purchasing and ask yourself – can I have an experience here. From the viewpoint of a cognitive-behavioral therapist, I like this….



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